Blue legs

Mondays are hard so there's no surptise that I overslept this morning. Thanks to my flatmate who woke me up! I made some more tests andalmost finished all the parties for a cat puppet. The legs got longer and now they seem to be more appropriate for my story.

Little bit more cat's animation:

New size of legs:

Tested chroma key on a green paper nappkin (i will need it for crowded plan):


Red heels, striped cat

Starting this week the school is open on saturdays. Yey!
Yesterday I made some more tests.

The second woman's walk seems to be true but I'd like to search more.

I also made the first test of a cat animation what is not that bad as I expected.

My production period starts in 2 weeks. It seems to be a lot of time but in fact the second week will be very busy with direct animation atelier with Piotr Dumala. So I have just one week to finish all my characters and tp prepare myself to animate.


New tests coming

The biggest difficulties in my film — a cat, a pigeon and loads of legs! I keep on doing tests. I'm supposed to start animating on 14th march. Still have time for practicing.


What is your choice?

I still don't know.

3 puppets are made of different types of paper. Thin, medium and thick one. The legs and arms can be replaced. The head can turn down and up. The size of each is 7cm. The most convinient.

1 minute: puppets

Character researches

Here is a selection of little girls I drew in order to find the main character. I guess it was the first time I spent so much paper for a thing that doesn't seem to be complicated. Ironically, the girl I've chosen can't be found here.


Cut out test

Made the first cut out test. The doll was too small and all the parts were separated what didn't help at all.

1 minute

This trimestre we're working on 1 minute films. This year theme is: Point of view of a kid. There are some visual searches.

1 minute: graphic researches

1 minute: graphic researches

1 minute: graphic researches