Mal de terre

Ok, here it is. Actually I don't have the rights to put my graduation film online. Hopefully it'll be screened on some festivals.

Anyway, here's a 30 seconds trailer I made to give an idea what it's about:

In a nutshell, it's a story of Russian sailor that comes back to his town because he left there a girl. And when he steps out on earth, he realizes that he can't stay straight. And his adventures start.

I don't know how it's better to translate the title in English. Sea legs?

From the beginning I wanted to make this film again in paper cut-out technique but I changed my point of view in the very last moment. Because I was afraid to repeat myself. And I also wanted to step out from my comfort zone. It seemed to me as well that drawn animation could help me to play more with sailor's body and make it really flexible.

So I stopped on tvpaint. And then I regretted many times, especially when I started cleaning and inking. It was a real hell to color all the stripes. When I got it, it was too late to change anything. Now I'm really well trained to make straight lines, ha ha!

I also want to thank all people who helped me to color all endless scenes! That all are credited in titles but I would put their names here as well cause they really deserved it!

Viviane, Titouan, Natasha, Alexandre, Lucrece, Marjorie, Helena, Polina, Lisete.

And also Rocio and Stephane!

Thank you guys!

And now some images of the process. From the very beginning (october 2011). I didn't post them while working on the film. So now I'm showing them all together:

This was the first definitive background I drew but this scene was thrown away while editing.


Demoreel 2012

In july I graduated from La Poudriere and here is my freshly fresh showreel filled up with pieces of my last films (graduation film included!).

Anyway soon I'll do one more post to tell more about my graduation film.


My little hamster

My 1-minute film for Les espoirs d'animation competition organized by kids TV channel Canal J. Check it out >>>> here!

It's in French and isn't subtitled, sorry. I'll try to settle it somehow but I hope the story is more or less clear even without the dialogues.

The film was made in a month in paper cut-out technique. The animation was done in 5 days.

When I was kid I dreamt to have a hamster but my parents were strictly against any animals at home. I envy this little girl, really.

Some more making of photos can be found here.


Cartoon Movie trailer 2012

Our last group project in La Poudriere.

Made by 9 of us in 5 days (from idea to final export).
With support of Carles Porta (check his awesome Puck festival in the caravan!).
Music: Christophe Heral.


Fox in the snow

A while ago I made little cut-out animation for the first Russian flipbook festival — Animabook. And  to my big surprise it won the first prize! So it'll be published for real, on paper! (500 copies!)

Here's the animation:

And here's the main character on stage:


Deadline / planning / holidays-are-soon calendars

It's little bit easier to work hard with some chocolate, so last november I decided to make chocolate calendars for my classmates.

I never made them before, so the first one was for me. Just to try how it works. I bought sweets in supermarket and cut cardboard box I had brought a while ago for I don't remember what.

I wanted to make little cardboard boxes for each sweet but I found an easier and better way - just to stick them with paper tape and then to cover a backside with a piece of paper.

It turned well and the rest was made using the same algorythm: chocolate, cardboard and 3 colours — white, black and pink. Each calendar had illustration that was somehow connected with the storylines of films we were working on.

At home after busy week-end:

Say yes to 2012 2 2 2 2 2

Back from Christmas holidays, back to school. I made two new animations in last 2 months but can't show them yet. One is for Canal J competition and the second one is 20 seconds short about the evolution that was one week exercise with Federico Vitali. Anyway there're some cotton wool stuff I made on week-ends.

+ making of photos!