Deadline / planning / holidays-are-soon calendars

It's little bit easier to work hard with some chocolate, so last november I decided to make chocolate calendars for my classmates.

I never made them before, so the first one was for me. Just to try how it works. I bought sweets in supermarket and cut cardboard box I had brought a while ago for I don't remember what.

I wanted to make little cardboard boxes for each sweet but I found an easier and better way - just to stick them with paper tape and then to cover a backside with a piece of paper.

It turned well and the rest was made using the same algorythm: chocolate, cardboard and 3 colours — white, black and pink. Each calendar had illustration that was somehow connected with the storylines of films we were working on.

At home after busy week-end:

Say yes to 2012 2 2 2 2 2

Back from Christmas holidays, back to school. I made two new animations in last 2 months but can't show them yet. One is for Canal J competition and the second one is 20 seconds short about the evolution that was one week exercise with Federico Vitali. Anyway there're some cotton wool stuff I made on week-ends.

+ making of photos!