Brighter Days

In august I made little animation for JibJab birthday wishes. I got the animatic and my job was to design the character and background and animate it.

Click here to watch it on my website!

First I thought about Flash animation but finally I came up to cut-out animation in After Effects. To be honest, it was the first time when I did character animation in AE and while making it I learned a lot!

Some pictures of the process.

Still from animatic just to show from what point I launched:

The sun

First graphic researches of main character:

I liked the first one most but the beams were little bit too strange and the sun didn't seem to be the sun. The final character model was drawn on paper:

Drew and scanned all the part separely:

And here is the puppet:

I didn't use the steam finally.


First I found some photo and timelapse references as I don't watch sunrises that often. Some of them were really cool, I mean timelapse videos! Check this one for example.

Very first sketch:

Some more:

I switched from paper to Photoshop very quickly.

The last colours I found ok for the early morning atmosphere, so I drew all the parts separately:

Some morning hours spent in the company of photoshop and the background is ready!

Animation was a tough part, so I mixed animating with watching different tutorials in Internet.

Only when I finished this job, I got known an awesome tool for cut-out character animation in AE. If I had known it before, I would have done the same animation much faster. It's called DuIK and if you are interested, you can learn more about it here and download it. It's for free!

Watch this tutorial video to get rid of the last doubts!

And thanks to Lina who helped me with her clever advises!

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